What is the Press Release Checklist?

It’s THE essential

Press Release How-To Cheatsheet/Checklist for writing & publishing your news to relevant news editors & journalists with examples and a PR Newswire $100 (25%) discount coupon.

My checklist covers the 5 most important areas of writing and distributing a Press Release— so your Press Release gets to the most relevant and influential journalists. It’s the very same Press Release Checklist I developed and use for my clients.

Plus, by following my checklist, you’ll be simultaneously boosting your Google SEO rankings for your website. It’s like getting a Double-Bonus…with no extra effort on your part!

I also tell you what you MUST do before distributing your release onto the news wires and what you MUST do after.

Don’t repeat the mistakes others have made (including me!) by ignoring the before and after steps.

Why is SEO important (for press releases)?

In a word: Google. Google has changed the game.

Not only are journalists Googling for stories and contacts by searching through reputable news bureau archives (like PR Newswire®), but those inbound links to your web site from reputable news bureaus (again, like PR Newswire) where you post your press releases are really valuable in your overall Google ranking of your website.

Why Press Releases Make Sense for B2B Marketers

There are a lot of skeptics in the world, and many of them are one-and-done people. They say things like, “I put out a press release when we launched our last new product and didn’t get anything out of it. Press Releases don’t work.”

And they are right to say that.

Improperly executed, slap-it-together press releases written without guidance, not sent out on professional business wire-services (like PR Newswire) with no pre-, during and after follow-up plan ARE doomed to failure.

Surprisingly, if these same people applied the same discipline to their publicity as they did in the development and manufacture of their products and services they would be miles ahead of their competitors.

P.R. does require a certain amount of discipline and planning, but most anyone can, with the right guidance and proper procedures, use the media to help their sales team find new prospective customers, engage existing customers more effectively AND reactivate inactive customers.

After all, isn’t that what B2B Marketing is all about? That is, in the case of P.R., leveraging the power of press releases for more effective lead-generation campaigns.


What You Get for Your $25 Purchase (a lot!)

  • $100 PR Newswire Coupon (that’s 25% off list) for PR Newswire’s national, Tier-1 wire service (US1), Plus: distribution to subscribing journalists, Plus: Industry targeting, Plus: 2-level editorial review and SEO enhancements with NO Membership fees or commitments.
  • No fine print: You can use your $100 coupon for every press release for the next 12 months! (until April 27th 2018)

  • The 16-step Press Release Checklist (4-page PDF) covering what you must do before, during and after sending your release for maximum impact.
  • 10 Example Press Releases for you to use as your guide. These are the sample press releases I use in my workshops. And each of them demonstrates how even the most complicated announcements can fit into 500 words (or less)!
  • PR Teleseminar (mp3) taken from my B2B Marketing Workshop. I talk you through the steps in the Checklist.

About the Author

John Fox is the author of Marketing Playbook—The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing.

Endorsed by Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Al Ries and Doug Hall, the Playbook—now a training resource site for B2B Marketers—draws upon John’s 30-year career as a street-smart business developer, providing detailed instructions for implementing more than 100 sales-driven marketing strategies.

John is also president of Venture Marketing, a management consulting firm that produces top-line revenue growth for its clients through systematic marketing programs.

He holds a BS Engineering-Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. He and his wife, Ruth, live in Naperville, Illinois with their five entrepreneurially-minded children.

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